Investing in Property


Equity Structures & Taxes

Do you understand the relevance of different Government taxes and duties, such as:

  • Capital gains
  • Income tax
  • Land Tax
  • Stamp duty
  • Joint tenants?
  • Tenants in common?
  • Company?
  • Trust?
  • SMSF?

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Property Cash Flow

Do you know exactly what the up-front and ongoing costs on your investment might be?

Have you included:

  • Interest on loans?
  • Property management?
  • Landlord insurance?
  • Council Rates?
  • Water Rates?
  • Tax Return lodgement requirements
  • Body corporate fees?
  • Vacancy factors?
  • Area Research and potential growth?

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Self Managed Super Funds

Did you know you can use your Superannuation to purchase cash flow positive bricks and mortar investment property for your retirement?

Buying an Investment property with a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) typically requires no investment from you as an individual and is often cash flow positive.*

This occurs because the SMSF receives the rental income and 9% compulsory employer Super contributions to help cover any running costs such as interest, council rates and insurance on the property. As an added bonus, the SMSF can receive a tax deduction for the property expenses which can substantially reduce the tax paid on your Super Contributions. But the best news is that when you retire, you can access the capital gain or rental income tax free!

Top ten reasons why our clients prefer property in their fund.

  • It is a physical asset you can see- you can drive past the property anytime you like.
  • Low Deposit – Generally a 20-30% deposit is all you need.
  • Cash Flow Positive- No cost from your own pocket.
  • Pay no tax- when you are over 60 and retired - (Conditions apply).
  • Absolute control- you control the property, the property manager, the bank, the tenant.
  • Your boss pays for it- via your 9% Super contributions and Salary Sacrifice contributions.
  • Combine super balances- combine up to 4 family members or friends in the one fund.
  • Pay it off fast- Positive cash flow can be used to reduce the loan balance fast.
  • Certainty- property tends to be more stable than the up and downs of the share market.
  • It’s easy - its just like a regular investment property.

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Why Invest at All?

Some reasons our clients give us for wanting to invest now.

  • Pay the home off faster
  • Create an income stream in retirement
  • Help the children
  • Build a safety net
  • Reduce tax
  • Improve Superannuation balance / performance

When you stop work - Will you be able too?

Do you realise by the time you are 65 there will be a -

  • 45% Chance you’ll depend on family for financial help.
  • 28% Possibility you’ll rely on a pension.
  • 22% Likelihood you’ll still be working.
  • 4% Probability you’ll only meet your basic needs.
  • 1% Chance you’ll be financially independent.

Unfortunately, as many Australians approach the age where they want to stop work, most will have to keep working well past the age of 67 (the new retirement age).However as a Prowealth client, you can count yourself in the top 3% of Australians who will take control and responsibility for their finances and not have to rely on anyone to provide the lifestyle they desire for themselves and loved ones.

Your future projections.

The first step is to recognise that the Pension and Super alone is not enough for most people.

Week Fortnight Year
$364 $729 $18,928
$549 $1,099 $28,574

Advances in medicine and technology, combined with healthier lifestyle choices, has resulted in an increase in life expectancy. Women are now expected to live to the age of 83 and men to the age of 79. This would mean if we retired at 55, we would have to fund ourselves for at least 20 to 25 years if we don’t want to live on the pension.

Do you believe you have enough assets in place to fund your lifestyle when you stop work?

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