Tips for Sellers

tips-for-sellers-2-(1).jpgWhen your property is offered for sale you will only get one opportunity to maximise your sale price and we only get one opportunity to do the job properly.

A correctly priced property will typically sell within 2 - 6 weeks of going to the market. You should allow two weeks before this to prepare for sale and for us to prepare all the marketing materials.

There are numerous different ways to offer your property for sale, either by Auction, For Sale by Negotiation, or with a price. Our representatives will explain the difference between each one and help you select the method  that best suits your needs and your property.

Presentation of your property is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price.

Some helpful tips for Presenting your Home for the “Open for Inspection:

De-clutter your home.res-200-(2).jpg

Wash down any decking.
Open all the windows and curtains.   

Turn on the lights.  

Pop a pot of coffee on or put a cake in the oven.  

Arrange some flowers on the dining table.  

Arrange the indoor and out door furniture to ensure the home is not cluttered. 

Turn on the stereo and play some quiet relaxing 

Turn on the range hood light in the kitchen.  

Turn on some bedside lamps and lounge lamps as well.  

Place mats at the entry to the house for people to wipe their feet before entering the home.  

If the home is air-conditioned put the air on about 1hr ahead of the open.  

If the home has ceiling fans put them on as well.  

If you have a dog take him on a visit to a friend or relative for the duration of the Open House.  

Note - Buyers may look into cupboards considering storage potential and we advise that cupboards appear in an organised manner avoiding any negative comments regarding storage space. 

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries sell houses. Our studies show that whilst not necessarily the greatest features of a home, these rooms are the most utilised therefore most scrutinised by potential purchasers. 

Presentation Sells - Good luck and please don’t be afraid to ask us for assistance. At Position Property Services we have access to many tradespeople and other services to make the job of presenting your home for sale a breeze.

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