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Cheryl Blair


Cheryl is a seasoned professional in the property management industry, bringing extensive experience and a diverse skill set to her role as a property manager and leasing consultant. With a career spanning since 2015, Cheryl has navigated various market conditions, honing her expertise and establishing herself as a trusted figure in the field.

Her multifaceted skill set includes her exceptional customer service abilities, enabling her to cultivate long-tern relationships with both tenants and property owners. Cheryl’s approach is characterised by professionalism, honesty, and ethical behaviour, ensuring that all parties involved receive fair and transparent treatment. She possesses strong negotiating skills and ensures a balance between owner and tenant interests to secure the best possible outcomes for both parties.

What Cheryl enjoys most about her role is the opportunity to interact with people directly, whether it’s assisting tenants in finding their ideal home or sharing insightful information about a property. Her genuine passion for helping others shines through in her work, making her a valuable asset to both clients and colleagues alike.

Outside of the office, Cheryl maintains a balanced lifestyle, prioritising activities like yoga, maintaining her health, and indulging her green thumb through gardening. Her previous careers in banking and market research have instilled in her research-oriented approach, ensuring that she stays informed and ahead of industry trends.

With Cheryl’s wealth of experience, dedication to excellence, and genuine enthusiasm for her work, she continues to make significant contributions to the property management industry, leaving a positive impact wherever she goes.

Cheryl Blair

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