Riverfront Open Morning: A Showcase of Sustainable Design and Tranquillity

Date: 2/04/2024

On Saturday 23rd March, the Riverfront community welcomed eager attendees to its much-anticipated open event. Situated on 18 acres of pristine land, this development has been the talk of the town for its innovative approach to sustainable living and commitment to preserving nature’s beauty. The event promised an exclusive opportunity to meet the developer, delve into the intricacies of sustainable design, and immerse attendees in the serene ambiance of the site.

As the open morning commenced, attendees were greeted with warm smiles and a palpable sense of excitement. Developer Lucindale, a passionate advocate for eco-friendly living, took centre stage, eager to share insights into the sustainable design initiatives incorporated into each home. From energy efficient appliances to eco-conscious building materials, every aspect had been meticulously curated to minimise environmental impact while maximising functionality.

“We’ve got a unique situation here which is, for me, in 20 years of developing, quite rare. You get to combine open space, nature, and built form. I think we've tried to do justice to the land by hiring Justin O'Neill and O'Neill Architecture, who are one of the best architects in the state. We have a large team, CUSP who are the landscape architects, Position Property who are the sales team, and EarthCheck who have really helped us transition our business away from building in a generic old-fashioned way to now build with sustainability in mind.

Riverfront was a bit of a gamble at the start because we were unsure if the public would be excited about it and embrace it. I was told you can either lead from the front or follow. We are now working to create a future where people can live in a beautiful home long term and something that they’re proud of,” Marcel Russ, Founder and Managing Director, Lucindale.

“Riverfront is a rare find in an urban environment that we live in today with the amount of open space. 25,000 trees are to be planted on site. For good projects, it should be about good vegetation. Riverfront has a fantastic design featuring solar panels, the ability to capture and harvest your rainwater, filtration systems that allow water to flow back to the gardens and more. I travel the world and it’s very rare to see a site like this,” Stuart Moore, Founder and CEO, EarthCheck.

One of the highlights of the event for attendees was the opportunity to walk the site, allowing them to explore the meticulously landscaped grounds and appreciate the natural beauty of Riverfront Estate Living. As attendees strolled through the site, they couldn’t help but marvel at the unrivalled sense of space and tranquillity that permeated the air. The gentle rustle of leaves, the melodious chirping of birds, and the soothing flow of the river created an idyllic setting that felt like a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
In the wake of the Riverfront open morning, it’s clear that the vision of sustainable living is not just a dream but a tangible reality waiting to be embraced. If you missed out on the event, click here to secure your private appointment to find out how you can call Riverfront home.

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