Position Property

Having achieved over $4.6billion in sales, our team has the knowledge and experience that is invaluable when taking a project to market. With Position Property, your project is covered from every angle. Providing valuable feedback and recommendations on design, plans, product mix and sizing, finishes, pricing, contractual documentation, and more.

Our proven track record has seen us work with developers time and time again, from project to project. Over the years we have also established excellent relationships with financiers, accountants, solicitors, and valuers to ensure the whole sales and settlement process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Experts in site selection, design and product configuration, sales and marketing and beyond, the Position approach ensures maximum revenue success, while reducing risk at every stage.

Our developer clients we choose to collaborate with most importantly share our values of delivering on our collective promise. Our goal is to work with both developers and buyers on their property journey to achieve their long-term goals.

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