Development Sites

Position Property has access to Brisbane’ best Developers and Builders who are always looking for development sites in varying scales throughout Brisbane.  If your property fits into one of the categories below, we are able to assist you in achieving a successful sale at the highest possible price:- 


   · Large scale multi unit / townhouse sites

  · Small lot multi unit /townhouse sites        

   · Large scale housing subdivision

  · Small lot housing subdivision


With 20 years experience and success in the acquisition and sale of development sites, we can offer you: - 


- Site Evaluation - What is the best current/future usage to maximise the value of your site.  We have access to the latest town planning information and building guidelines.

- Site Amalgamation - We will work with you and your neighbours to realise the maximum potential value.

- Market Appraisals - We will place an accurate value on the property based on research and current sales data.

- Marketing Campaigns - Individual campaigns are designed to achieve a successful sale. Our campaigns can be designed to sell on or off market.  

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